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Miniature RCBO product

The new Miniature RCBO

With switched
as standard

Total isolation of faulty circuits without interrupting power on any other circuits, a safer way to wait for the emergency electrician.

#25 Totally Chapter 31 compliant.

Using switched neutral RCBOs fully complies with Chapter 31 requirements for - division of the installation, avoiding danger, minimising inconvenience, preventing unwanted tripping and permits safe testing & maintenance.

#21 Our miniature RCBO fully isolates faulty circuits for maximum safety.

Switching off a Wylex miniature RCBO isolates the live and neutral, which more than complies with Health & Safety standards for safe working if equipment needs changing or additions are being made.

Ratings from 6A to 40A to cater for heavy loads e.g. showers and cookers as well as lighting and general power circuits. There's even a 25A rating.

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Wylex reasons #6 Continuous product innovation; we're always ahead of the game.
Wylex reasons #7 We don't just know consumer units. We invented them.
Wylex reasons #14 Cutting edge Siemens technology inside.

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