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Surge Protection product
#63 Surge Protection - safeguarding your data and productivity.

Don’t let overvoltages interrupt important public services, SPDs can prevent damage to sensitive equipment and help to maintain availability of important services 24/7 so that we can all benefit from the vital networks in our communities.

The new regulations in 18th edition call for overvoltage protection to be provided in several types of location. Factory fitted SPDs can save you time and money on site.

Individual dwellings might not need protection against overvoltages IF the value of the installation and equipment does not justify it. But how much is a typical house full of equipment and appliances worth? Protection from an SPD costs a fraction of the potential loss.

#34 Surge Protection - Overvoltage protection. We've been doing it for years.

Whether you want off the shelf devices or factory fitted SPDs, Wylex has the solution. From MCCB Panel-boards for commercial applications to Consumer Units for domestic dwellings, talk to us about your needs.

Commercial and Industrial Circuit Protection

Whether it’s an 800 amp Panel-board with up to 18 outgoing ways, including four pole options, or an 800 amp switch fuse for a single sub main circuit. Wylex have the products for your commercial and industrial installation projects.

Wylex reasons #14 Cutting edge Siemens technology inside.

Moulded case circuit breakers with adjustable settings and options for earth leakage, shunt trip, under-voltage release, and more. The new Wylex MCCBs can easily accommodate accessories for control and monitoring applications.

#60 We design and build bespoke solutions for unique commercial projects.

It’s easy to select and create your own off the shelf power distribution solutions with our panel board selection chart, but if you prefer it we can custom build to your client specification. It’s what we do.

Our UK based R&D teams create installer friendly solutions like compact enclosures that fit into smaller spaces than before while also delivering more power than before. Designed tested and built in the UK with Siemens circuit protection technology inside.

Arc fault detection device

Our new Arc Fault Detection Devices

#32 18th Edition. We're not waiting; we're ready.

A 10% reduction in electrical fires has been reported in countries where arc fault devices are mandated such as USA.

More than 7,500 fires are recorded yearly in England with the source of ignition as electrical distribution, cables and plugs.


Arc fault detection devices (AFDDs) detect electric arc faults that MCBs, RCDs and RCBOs cannot detect. Therefore a safety gap exists.

#38 New regulation. We don't wait for it. We prepare for it.

Wylex AFDDs include MCB and RCD functions to cater for the full requirements of the wiring regulations including arc faults, thereby closing the safety gap.

Consumer unit

The widest range of consumer units

In the UK

The 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations are just around the corner. Get ready with Wylex. Watch this space for more information on new regulations, new products and new solutions.

#57 We make practical, pretty and sleek.

When looks matter and ease of installation is essential, NM "L Series" consumer units will make your life easy. With cable entries on all sides and a raised removable interior, there's lots of working space.

#3 The widest range of domestic circuit protection in the UK.

Because one size does not fit all, Wylex offers the widest range of off the shelf consumer units. Not in the catalogue? We can design and build to order.

Being first to market is a habit for Wylex. First with 17th Edition consumer units. First with Amendment 3 consumer units. It’s just one of the many reasons that more specifiers and installers choose Wylex first.

Miniature RCBO product

The new Miniature RCBO

With switched neutral as standard

Total isolation of faulty circuits without interrupting power on any other circuits, a safer way to wait for the emergency electrician.

#25 Totally Chapter 31 compliant.

Using switched neutral RCBOs fully complies with Chapter 31 requirements for - division of the installation, avoiding danger, minimising inconvenience, preventing unwanted tripping and permits safe testing and maintenance.

#21 Our miniature RCBO fully isolates faulty circuits for maximum safety.

Switching off a Wylex miniature RCBO isolates the live and neutral, which more than complies with Health & Safety standards for safe working if equipment needs changing or additions are being made.

Ratings from 6A to 40A to cater for heavy loads e.g. showers and cookers as well as lighting and general power circuits. There's even a 25A rating.

Why choose anything less?

Wylex reasons #6 Continuous product innovation; we're always ahead of the game.
Wylex reasons #7 We don't just know consumer units. We invented them.
Wylex reasons #24 Built to last.

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